Friday, December 21, 2007


its finally Friday, this week definitely dragged on... at work that is... everytime i got home i was always running around with errands left and right... slow day at work, i wanna leave early but i doubt i can... just sitting around thinking of what i need to do this weekend... REALLY looking fwd to our wine night with the girls tonight...with all these hype and craziness going on... we need a breather!

mom came back from the Philippines last night and it was really great to see her again...she had lotsa sad, funny, and scary stories to tell as usual, never fails! raymond of course quickly opened her luggages looking for "pasalubong" like as if my mom came back from a vacation!!! it was really sweet of her to bring back stuff for Eugene & Brazil (jeps gf) too :) she was kinda upset that the TFC & cable was cut off at home hahahaha.. we thought she just forgot to pay the bill but she said she did before she left so now she's all bummed out that she can't watch her TFC hehehe.. she's already going thru withdrawals!!

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