Tuesday, December 18, 2007

and yet..another blogger...

so much for giving up on the xanga... i just realized..whenever i have any down time at work, its not quite productive to keep refreshing my facebook home page to see who's updated in that last 2 minutes (since i last checked) cuz trust me.. it can get pretty boring!! lol.. so since i always have too much to say.. might as well share away by blogging again =T dunnoe if that's such a good thing..but oh well..

so it's December again.. this year definitely flew by.. lots of great stuff happened, wonderful memories have been made and shared...i always love reminiscing and thinking back to all the good things that has happened

January: woke up to a phone call from eugene for a sweet happy new yrs wish- def. put a great start on my day...let alone, my year.. raymond turned 10 - he's such a big kid now.. i soo miss the days when he was still small and chubby and super cute!!...it was also Alexi's 2nd bday..man that girl is tooooo smart! i love it!

February: finally got to go to Canada to see Eugene :) 'nuff said, that was a perfect month :)

March: a lil bumpy dealing w/ emo ppl, but fun celebrating Ethel's 23rd!! Lola's 80th bday and had a HUGE celebration.. wish we could've made it!!! Marc's 23rd (right?) and had the Vegas theme party at the hotel.. no one really dressed up but us :( still a fun night! Suz's 23rd bday too..but we didn't get to celebrate w/ her since she's in SD..

April: hhmm April wasn't a very interesting month now, is it? =X I guess i got my tax refund, that's always good!! can't wait for the next one to come already!!! Well can't forget about our April babies tho.. Tine & G!! i love how G's older than me haha..

May: aghh turned 24!!! this is my year: May turned 24 on May 24 hahaha.. but the excitement wasn't all about that.. Eugene came for my bday to visit and despite the stupid beach house incident, it was the best bday yet :) the gang finally got to meet Eug... besides Ethel and G cuz they both decided to travel on that time!! ggrr (haha). Shell & Ryan also turned 24... aight.. let's get this ball rollin, its bdays galore!!

June: Jepoy turned 19... he's so much of an adult now, but still barely acts like one.. *sigh* it was also dad's bday (well if he was still here, that is) but nothing better than his son graduating as a bday gift - jeps HS grad was on dad's bday... it was a REALLY hot day - but STILL didn't get a tan! oh btw... Angela FINALLY turned21!!! that's been wayyy over due!!

July: Lyn finally turned 23!! oh man our baby!!!! swear she needs to catch up..hahaha

August: ahh! got to go back to Canada, this one's a much longer stay and it was still TOO short :( met Eugene's aunts & uncles... major interrogation, but it was more hilarious than scary.. i guess being a girl, i'll always get the easier side of the interrogation process as to being a guy.. even he got questioned more and its his family..lol.. fun times w/ the drunken fambam! :) went camping for the first time ever.. pretty cool experience.. went to Niagara Falls, scary as hell!! but still loved it! highlight of the Niagara trip was the haunted house.. oh man.. nothing will beat that.. =X it was def. a wonderful month!!

September: why do i feel like it was someone's bday in sept?.. the months start to end (lol what an oxymoron!) w/ "ber" now.. meaning the holidays are soon to come.. should've started preparing already by this time.. but no...

October: oohh candies! hahaha.. it was fun watching the kids come by for trick or treatin.. spider man, lady bugs & bumble bees were a very popular costume!!!

November: we FINALLY had our housewarming party!! hahaha put that together with the halloween party that turned out great!! EVERYONE dressed up.. it was awesome!! such a fun night.. got wasted pretty bad! but that's all part of the process.. this was also, may i add, the first time ever that i've seen G pissed drunk! it was great! hahaha.. saw Sheila after forever!! good times!! Mom went home to the Philippines cuz lola got really sick.. then she recovered after that bad hit.. and of course... and of course Mari finally turned 24!! woot woot!! join the 24 yrs old club!!

December: oh man.. where do we start.. this month went by sooo fast! just so much going on.. starting the month w/ a bad news about lola.. but recovering from it.. mom went home to the Philippines.. a tough one, but it was good in the same way because she finally got to see all her brothers and sisters again.. semi bad reunion, but it was nice that they got to be all together again! :) currently stressing over all the stuff i need to work on for mom's surprise bday party cuz this xmas is her 50th.. i regret the fact that i shouldve saved up for this a lonngg time ago but too much happened that it was quite inevitable.. oh well.. we're still tryinna pull it off w/ a semi big celebration.. looking fwd to it bcuz mom definitely needs a lil cheering after all that she's been thru this yr.. and of course.. last but not the least.. Eugene's coming!!!... can't wait to be with him again :) looking fwd to our SoCal trip w/ the whole gang!! San Diego/Mexico/LA!! yeeaaa :D

but when there's good, there's always bad...this year i lost 4 members of my family all within a matter of 2 months!! lost 2 uncles, a little cousin, and my grandma :( i miss them all dearly and wishes sooo bad that i could've seen them even for the last time.. xmas wont be the same this year :(

but not planning on ending my year w/ a frown... still looking at the bright side.. i did that last yr and it brought me this year... it works for me sooo im doing it again! lol.. yea im a weirdo.. since i get to spend NY w/ Eugene so i know its gonna be perfect! looking forward to welcome a wonderful 2008

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