Wednesday, January 30, 2008

looking around seeing the bosses panic

i have come to the realization that I need to start looking for a new job, like soon, no rush, but soon - not knowing how secure the employee retention will be once we have completely transitioned to the new owner of our department, i just wouldn't wanna be left out sitting around being unemployed. there's still a chance that i can get hired, and according to my supervisors this might actually be a better opportunity for me which is true, but we all just sit here waiting to see if we're staying or leaving (yes, even the managing director)...sux big time but i guess that's corporate world for us! =T

on that note... i was thinking of sticking with the same position, i know its not related to my major so until i have (if i will) a Masters in Psyc and can therefore pursue a career in that field... at least i have a pretty good background and experience in this position thus far... pay is pretty decent in the financial department so why not?... then i think about how its such a dragg waking up so damn early since we work with Stock Market hours (east coast), then again comes the up side of it which is that i get off pretty early too and i still have most of the day to do whatever. BUT what's the point of getting off early when everyone else is still at work anyways and i'm always alone at home (pretending to be brave), then i always have to be in bed so early... so i'm now considering normal office hours and being optimistic to find a good job that pays well and has great benefits (i.e. lotsa paid vacations and time off LOL - who needs health insurance, just pay for my vacation hehe)... work is just really something to kill time while waiting for retirement; its pretty much just an investment for a longer vacation later on - wow, I really am lazy!!!

someday i wanna own a vacation house.... a cottage near the beach/lake = relaxing!!! :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

i want i want i want

wanna watch:

27 dresses
1408 (right?)
The Eye

ok maybe The Jumper too

the end...

i went thru last yr's calendar and must admit...
i was equally amazed and embarrassed from
all the stuff that i wrote on it!!!
need to work on organizing this yr's calendar
and start it all over again :P

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

life really IS short

this past weekend 2 guys passed away (one was a friend from H.S. and one was a friend's bf)... they both died from cancer at an early age of 24 :( its absolutely appalling thinking how many people that I actually know passed away in a matter of months intervals, i don't even want to name them out because it's sad... in a way it's good to know that they're no long suffering, but I feel for the family that they have left behind (to which some of those were actually my family too) and for the future ahead of them that they didn't get to live through...

We find ourselves constantly complaining about anything and everything when we always miss the little things in life that matter the most...we are blessed to wake up every day healthy and surrounded by the people that we love and knowing that they care about us too

Life is short.
Forgive quickly,
Kiss slowly,
Love truly,
Laugh uncontrollably...
and never regret anything that made you smile.

Monday, January 21, 2008

E.L.B. day


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

new year

ok so its midway thru January already, literally since its the 15th today... that kinda went by fast, except when im at work the day seems to be dragging all the time... went thru the xanga and read my old posts...well not too old since my first one got deleted and so i started that other one during my sr. yr in college already...pretty interesting stuff, i love reading old stuff just to see what was going on in my head at that time..

im definitely just wasting time right now...spreading out my projects at work so i have something to work on and keep me busy the whole day...

ne weiz, back to the xanger - read stuff about the 07 new yr shpeal... proud to say that i did the stuff i wanted to do...should stick to that mentality so i can do the same for this yr, except my goals for this yr is more challenging...its doable tho!! i'll make it happen... thankful for a wonderful and absolutely blessed 2007 and this is a start of another wonderful year... welcoming it with optimism and excitement!!!

(hhmm there's no smiley faces on this thing!!)...

Monday, January 14, 2008

a lil shaky at work...

thinking that the lay offs from Nov/Dec were already done... it isn't yet... so much going on, lotsa new executives in charge, therefore an inevitable re structuring of a good chunk of the bank is in the process... conf. call w/ the CEO tomorrow and hopefully we'll find out if we're still going to exist after that or not... wishful thinking - still waiting to get hired permanent!!

weekend was good and relaxing... some laundry and cleaning up, dentist, choir, and lotsa movies!!! can't wait till next weekend to come again!

and as always... missing my Canadian... babe's bday is coming up in a week!! wish i could be there =T

Thursday, January 10, 2008

being an adult means...

  1. waking up at the crack of dawn everyday to go to work
  2. going to work doing the same routine over and over knowing that it'll most likely be like this for the rest of time until retirement comes...
  3. at one point (and hopefully for not sooo long) living off of paycheck to paycheck
  4. trying to be independent even if it means having a tight budget
  5. looks forward to vacations because they are crucial for keeping oneself sane and not being too overwhelmed with work
  6. thinks of an excuse to call in sick every morning
  7. tries so hard to go to the gym and yet eats so unhealthy at times to alleviate some stress
  8. sacrificing a lot for the sake of others
  9. making your own doctor's and dentist appointments (lol... right mari?)
  10. getting your own insurance
  11. more appreciative
  12. having random wine drinking nights at home w/ the roommies...ergo, enjoys wine a lot more
  13. eats yogurts and veggies and actually be excited about it
  14. enjoys the company of family...but not an OD of it!
  15. don't get gifts during holidays anymore, but can't get away from giving gifts (except of course from one's significant other)

mind you, that's only some...ok that's it for now.. i should get back to work haha

Monday, January 7, 2008

it comes and goes

where to start?... let's see...

dec. 24:
the big day... mom's surprise party and Eugene's arrival... man was i excited or what?!! that day was sooo hectic and crazy tho.. tryinna prepare everything for my mom's party and not enough time to do everything... picked up Eugene from the airport but we ended up missing eachother and he was walking around for so long while i was still at the waiting area thinking that they were just a bit delayed... poor thing.... then i finally got to see him and it was alll good again... it was great seeing him again after about 4mos... went back home to get ready for mom's party and still kept tryinna convince mom to go, of course her lazy bum wanted to stay home and not go anymore but we made her feel bad that she needs to go to that "party" ne weiz... finally got her outta the house and tadaaa! Surprise!! she cried right after everyone yelled out surprise, it was all good after that... minor problems, like the cake was made wrong!! stupid ppl...but over all it went well...the cleaning up part wasn't fun tho =X

dec. 25:
xmas day & mom's actual was chill, we went to church and hung out at home... not like the usual that we'd have a party and ppl would come over..but no biggie cuz we had the party the day before ne weiz...and it was wonderful cuz i got to spend it w/ Eugene.. it was our first xmas together :)

and the days that followed:
watched I am legend at the IMAX on a tripple date w/ Mari, Marc, Shell & Jon. got ready for our SoCal trip which i didn't really pack for till the day of (27th). Roadtrip (San Diego/Mexico/LA)was awesome.. had sooo much fun!!! i wish i can go back in time and relive it again!!! Mexico was an interesting experience..non the less, we all had a wonderful time!!

dec. 31st..
new yrs eve's plan didn't go as planned, Eugene and I ended up hanging out w/ my family again, which i felt so bad for him that he had to do that! but he said he didn't mind, he didn't get bored since we watched my brother and his friends got stupid drunk again... had our lil wanna be fire works watching outside... really we just heard them but didn't see any, while we were making our drunken NYE calls...regardless of getting stuck w/ the fambam on NYE... i still had a great time since Eugene was there :) (i'm cheesy... i

at this point i kinda wanted time to stop for a while.. i didn't want it to be January yet...but no can do... On the 3rd i took Eugene to watch the Sharks game as a bday gift.. it was both our first time watching an NHL game.. it was soooo exciting... really fun! if it wasn't so expensive i'd wanna watch that all the time!!! Then Friday night we all had a lil get together at the house for Eugene's going away thing.. his last night :( we all had fun too.. got super wasted and woke up with horrible hang overs... Saturday came and i was dreading it... i hated knowing that i had to drop him off to the airport that night and was hoping that his flight will get canceled due to the storm so i'd get to have him for at least one more night... but no... he called me early sunday to let me know that he's home already and of course i got all sad such a cry baby...

hoping that our plan to see eachother next month will pull thru....crossing fingers!!! so now back to the routine.. work work work YAY (screaming w/ sarcasm)