Wednesday, January 30, 2008

looking around seeing the bosses panic

i have come to the realization that I need to start looking for a new job, like soon, no rush, but soon - not knowing how secure the employee retention will be once we have completely transitioned to the new owner of our department, i just wouldn't wanna be left out sitting around being unemployed. there's still a chance that i can get hired, and according to my supervisors this might actually be a better opportunity for me which is true, but we all just sit here waiting to see if we're staying or leaving (yes, even the managing director)...sux big time but i guess that's corporate world for us! =T

on that note... i was thinking of sticking with the same position, i know its not related to my major so until i have (if i will) a Masters in Psyc and can therefore pursue a career in that field... at least i have a pretty good background and experience in this position thus far... pay is pretty decent in the financial department so why not?... then i think about how its such a dragg waking up so damn early since we work with Stock Market hours (east coast), then again comes the up side of it which is that i get off pretty early too and i still have most of the day to do whatever. BUT what's the point of getting off early when everyone else is still at work anyways and i'm always alone at home (pretending to be brave), then i always have to be in bed so early... so i'm now considering normal office hours and being optimistic to find a good job that pays well and has great benefits (i.e. lotsa paid vacations and time off LOL - who needs health insurance, just pay for my vacation hehe)... work is just really something to kill time while waiting for retirement; its pretty much just an investment for a longer vacation later on - wow, I really am lazy!!!

someday i wanna own a vacation house.... a cottage near the beach/lake = relaxing!!! :)

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