Tuesday, January 15, 2008

new year

ok so its midway thru January already, literally since its the 15th today... that kinda went by fast, except when im at work the day seems to be dragging all the time... went thru the xanga and read my old posts...well not too old since my first one got deleted and so i started that other one during my sr. yr in college already...pretty interesting stuff, i love reading old stuff just to see what was going on in my head at that time..

im definitely just wasting time right now...spreading out my projects at work so i have something to work on and keep me busy the whole day...

ne weiz, back to the xanger - read stuff about the 07 new yr shpeal... proud to say that i did the stuff i wanted to do...should stick to that mentality so i can do the same for this yr, except my goals for this yr is more challenging...its doable tho!! i'll make it happen... thankful for a wonderful and absolutely blessed 2007 and this is a start of another wonderful year... welcoming it with optimism and excitement!!!

(hhmm there's no smiley faces on this thing!!)...

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