Thursday, January 10, 2008

being an adult means...

  1. waking up at the crack of dawn everyday to go to work
  2. going to work doing the same routine over and over knowing that it'll most likely be like this for the rest of time until retirement comes...
  3. at one point (and hopefully for not sooo long) living off of paycheck to paycheck
  4. trying to be independent even if it means having a tight budget
  5. looks forward to vacations because they are crucial for keeping oneself sane and not being too overwhelmed with work
  6. thinks of an excuse to call in sick every morning
  7. tries so hard to go to the gym and yet eats so unhealthy at times to alleviate some stress
  8. sacrificing a lot for the sake of others
  9. making your own doctor's and dentist appointments (lol... right mari?)
  10. getting your own insurance
  11. more appreciative
  12. having random wine drinking nights at home w/ the roommies...ergo, enjoys wine a lot more
  13. eats yogurts and veggies and actually be excited about it
  14. enjoys the company of family...but not an OD of it!
  15. don't get gifts during holidays anymore, but can't get away from giving gifts (except of course from one's significant other)

mind you, that's only some...ok that's it for now.. i should get back to work haha

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