Monday, December 24, 2007


the weekend was absolutely crazy!!!! last minute crazy errands for mom's party and of course, she doesn't know so she was always calling me to make me do stuff for her...and at the same time mad at the world again.. i was sooo close to getting into an argument w/ her on Saturday too.. and yesterday I was hoping on being able to do ALL the last minute stuff, but OF COURSE, we had to go to Pier 39 LOL.... some of my family from L.A. are here so my parents wanted to take them around for the day... uummm ya... i lost the whole day to do my crap! sooo got home pretty late and started going crazy then.... in a way it was good to keep myself busy because i was getting TOO excited cuz Eugene is coming!! ugh... so of course i forgot lotsa stuff yesterday and have to do that all this morning before I head out to the airport... then mari, ethel, jeps, & my aunt are helping out with LOTSA stuff while im not back yet... mom's party is looking good so far.. hopefully we have a good turn out... i hope she likes it, even if its not a huge celebration, or as big as i wanted it at least, i hope she'll like it...

all the stress this past couple of weeks/months
all the money spent for the preparation
all worth it to give mom a birthday party and to be with Eugene for the holidays :)

now off to see my love :P

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