Thursday, December 20, 2007

irked & overwhelmed

since mom's still in the Philippines, its been so hectic... w/ planning for the holidays to playing mom with my brothers and also planning her surprise bday party.... my days have consisted of work then a quick eating break, then tutoring, then pick up raymond wher ever he is - take him to karate class then pick him back up from karate class then take him back home.. then whatever time i have left after that.. i deal with minor logistics for the party... and mind u, this isn't even a huuuuge celebration.. i really just wanna throw something different for her since its her 50th bday this christmas (yes, mom's a xmas baby)... but even if its just pretty simple.. there's still sooo much to take care of.. making sure i invited everyone that needs to be invited and no one is left out, and of course im already dealing w/ ppl who just because i haven't gotten to them yet, is already assuming that they're not invited and already causing major drama!! OMG!!! im sooo over it!! so i gotta deal with that hopefully this afternoon in between work and picking mom up from the airport and smack them with an invitation to their face so they'll shutt the F up.. ugh!! seriously!! ur too old to be acting like a damn kid!! ne weiz!! last night was the most complicated cake order experience i had!! ive been speaking with the manager of red ribbon with regards to inquiring about designs and prices and whatnot... i finally went to the shop last night to place my order and manager's not there...and OF COURSE the ppl left at the shop didn't know what the freakin hell they're supposed to do... don't know crap... why the fuck do u leave ppl in charge of a store who don't know their work?!!! agggh!!! it seriously took me an hour to order a damn cake... and my cake order was freakin simple!! no super fancy decorations or anything.. geeeezz!! i thought it was gonna be easier cuz i already spoke to the lady in tagalog..and it was STILLLL a hard process!!! so i was thinking, if i didn't know how to speak tagalog.. i wouldve been there for wayyy longer..and she kept giving me attitude that i should hurry because they're almost closing and luckily i was able to contain myself and not go off on her so i just cursed in my head screaming HOW THE HELL IS IT MY FAULT? ur the one who don't know what ur fucking doing!!!! aaggghh!! ;asldkjfa;sdljkfa;sldfja;sdlfajsdfs;j!!!! ok... so i finally finish my order just to find out that they don't provide u w/ a cake stand... how the hell do u sell a double/tripple layered cake and not provide a cake stand?!!!! AND...they don't sell it there either!! so i have to go to a diff store to buy that shit!! ne weiz.. done and over with... cake pick up is gonna be at the same time ill be at the airport picking up Eugene so i'll have someone pick it up for me instead...with that outta the way.. i can now focus on just the planning parts... still lots to do... my list is so long already... so much to buy... i seriously don't know how my mom can just throw parties like its nothing... man, im beat!!! soooo just gotta do some last minute shopping, then talk to some ppl for confirmation, then pick up food and on the actual day of...just gotta worry about who can help out in the morning to set up and decorate the place.. THEN i gotta make sure my mom goes to it!!! im most likely gonna have to get her myself just to make sure she doesn't decide not to go! then of course can't forget that there's still lotsa cleaning that needs to be done in the house.. howllayyy our house looks kinda neglected.. everyone's been so busy w/ everything.. but this weekend... promise!! lol... ok well it feels better letting those frustrations can't wait till monday.. i hope mom will like her party and of course, can't wait to see Eugene again!!!! :)

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